Name: Ambrose James Atwater

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Location: Primarily A, very occasionally the Old City, and sometimes levels B and C

Magic: Knows some black magic, which the King is unaware of. Used sparingly due to his disgust of magic.

Weapon of choice: A sabre which is always kept by Atwater's side. To a lesser extent, he uses a small pistol.

Role: Royal Guard's Lieutenant

Description: 5'11 with neck length black hair. Hair is always in a ponytail. He is slim. Not heavily muscled, but fairly strong. He is always dressed as an aristocrat, but no frills. Skin is somewhat pale.


Before Current PlotEdit

Born in Dalysium, the Lieutenant has always had an affinity for engineering and technology. After coming to Dalisor, he joined the army and moved through the ranks quickly because of his engineering skills, his charm, and his success at completing missions.

In Current PlotEdit

Atwater has been working to keep the peace in Dalisor through various events as well as waging a determined war against the rebel forces, having used various means to try to infiltrate them and stymie their efforts.