Name: Frederick "Blackthorn" Javess

Age: 36 (Deceased)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Magic: Accomplished Green Mage

Weapon of Choice: Sharpened thorn vines concealed in his robe

Role: Purity Flames Officer

Description : 6'2. Is tall and slim but muscular, with very long brown hair and short brown beard. He has dark eyes and a slightly tanned, handsome face, often with a smug and charming smirk. He is usually dressed in the black robes of the Flames of Purity.

History: Frederick is a native of Veralyn, in the eastern parts of the Dalysian Federation. He was raised in a middle class merchant family, though he eventually left them behind to join various rebel groups, living in East Dalysium for a while, then moving home when the revolution broke out. He worked as a recruiter for the Flames of Purity and then a fighter, excelling in guerilla combat against Federalist convoys. During this time he often clashed with Avianid mercenaries, including a relative of Caractacus Stellarum, who he killed.

He was contacted to use his specific skills to lead an attack on Dalisor itself, an event he hoped would raise him to the highest levels of Rebel leadership. He arranged a mass outbreak of brambles in the Royal Ballroom and the crashing of a Whelk-style airship through the glass roof. The plan was foiled by the quick work of the Mage Hunters, with Frederick himself being brutally killed by Caractacus Stellarum after making the mistake of openly taunting him about his slain relative.