Species - Homo Lunas Lycan

Location - Mostly Mefreet and Valmer, can be also found in Selemond, Northern Vortalina and eastern Dalisor

Origin - Melunans, or Merlunans as they are known outside of the Bay of Lunas, are an old race and have apparently inhabited the rough area where Mefreet is for just as long, if not longer, than humans. They have always been nomadic and only settled down into towns after their human neighbors did. It is apparent that they are not Elven creations, though it is rumoured that Merlunans were used in the process that created Fellmoors. Many of the nomads took to the sea, becoming part of the Valmerian Seaborne culture

Appearance - They would, on first glance, resemble what the average person would consider to be a "werewolf" - an apparently humanoid wolf. However, they are a more advanced race than that - a true werewolf is a massive, hunched over savage creature. Merlunans more resemble a wolf's head on a muscular and furred human's body along with a wolf-like tail. Their hands and feet are human like, but with tougher palms and soles and sharper nails. They have shaggy manes running down the back of their head, the hair being longer and sleeker in females. They tend to be slightly taller than humans overall.

Disposition - Merlunans are a cunning, resourceful, friendly and outgoing race, quick to make bonds and advance themselves.

Though one would not expect it, Merlunans are remarkably good seafarers, having adapted to the habitat they live in, with many part of the Seaborne culture. For a time the Iraygion Empire was even harassed by an organized group of Melunan pirates known as the "Sea Wolves". They are good fighters and traders, especially at haggling, and can work well with other races, though Merlunans rarely unite in large forces, having more loyalty to close knit family groups. The nation of Mefreet was built by an Alliance of Merlunan Families and Human Clans which rebelled against the collapsing Iraygion Empire. The first King of Mefreet was, in fact, a Merlunan - Human halfbreed. Similar alliances helped bring Valmer it's independence.

Magic - Merlunans have tendencies towards magic, but rarely powerful. Many of them are skilled Blue Mages, specifically alchemists. Merlunans scoff at modern chemistry - a Merlunan herbal tea will fix you up just as well as the junk the doctors try to sell these days.

It is rumoured that some Merlunans who meddle too much with magic can set off latent triggers that turn them into true Lycans - Werewolves. This is similar to Avianid and Scarlian battle rages, but much more dangerous as there is almost entirely no control - the Lycan Merlunan will keep rampaging until it runs out of energy and collapses. A Lycan Merlunan can be characterized by it's massive size, easily twice as large as a human, it's hunched posture, it's long wolf like claws and feet and much longer teeth and fur.