The A.A.S. Mountain Daisy (proper Avianidian name Eidelweiss),like all of the new Nordironian dragonships, is a hybrid lofting-cell airship which can also spread a set of wings and be flown as a heavier-than-air aircraft.

She is approximately the size of an oceangoing frigate, carries twelve guns of various bores, all of them of the multichamber cylinder repeating variety, and her crew complement is eleven effectives, both officers and men.

Crew Manifest:

Captain Nils Von Pfielter

Lt. Commander Kreiger Heimdall

1st. Lt. Janus Krieger 

 Lt. J.G. Dagmar Nadtenn

Chief Engineer Maarten Steuben

Engineer's Mate Hieronymus Stoicher

Airman First Class (AFC) Kreppsnilter

AFC Himmelstraack Einstahl

AFC Ludovicius Bachstomper

Lance-Airman Lankeviel Corum