Name: Niccollo Alpo

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Magic: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Lupara Shotgun

Role: Mage Hunter First Rank, Operative to Escher Kettell

Description : 5'11. Has a thin serious face and long black hair tied back as well a black mustache. Has dark eyes and wears a wide brimmed black hat along with his black and silver mage hunters uniform. Carries his small but deadly shotgun in a leg holster

History: Niccollo Alpo grew up in a shepherd family in the borderlands of Iraygion. He joined the Border Patrol at a young age as his family had done for generation. When he was twenty five his family died under suspicious circumstances. A few months later he left after being suspected in the death of a prominent land owner known for blackmail and extortion. He moved to Dalisor and quickly rose through the military ranks to Mage Hunter First Rank due to his cool and quiet professionalism.

He was assigned as one of the two First Ranks that were part of Escher Kettell's investigative force. He works as Escher's messenger and manager for the others in the investigation, relaying Kettell's orders to keep him less busy with command. He generally has an eye for trouble and is quick to report anything amiss. He was present at the Purity Flame Raid, covering the Nobles escape. He survived the encounter through his leg was broken in the combat. He managed the troops and operations through and after his recovery and continues to work as a second in command to Kettell.