Organa Balg Edit

Species Edit

Geistus Mara Vitus. The Organa Balg is biologically Immortal because they can rejuvenate themselves by feeding on men, anger, and by implanting their Balg selves into another host.

Location Edit

Primarily found in both Scarl, with occasional sightings in Shiralai, Dalysium and Whelk, and rarer still in Dalisor, Vortalina etc.

Origin Edit

The origin of the Organa Balg is related to the founding of Scarl. It is believed that the original bride of one of the founders was murdered by a jealous lover, and that enmity stained the soul, creating the Organa Balg. How much of that is true is up for debate.

Appearance Edit

Organa Balg have two appearances. One is that of a beautiful woman, unblemished and pure. It is this that is the Organa, as this grows and changes, eats, sleeps, dreams and marries. They are originally mortal women, but the Balg infects them and removes any blemishes from the body. The only sign that a woman is inhabited by a Balg is their teeth, having six canines each in their upper and lower jaws; for that reason many Organa smile demurely and act bashful.

Their secondary appearance is that of the Balg. The Balg is a wizened crone with leathery skin, frayed hair, bone showing through her sores, pus exiting her orifices, and gnarled, ropey hands. They are extremely fast, however, and their hands are able to crush a man's throat. Their tongues extend outward, usually down to their stomachs, and they are usually bent double until they strike, which is when they are shown to be quite tall, averaging six feet. They also have two elbows on each arm, allowing them to bend in unnatural ways to grab their prey.

Disposition Edit

Organa Balg are usually gentle and peaceful when in their Organa form; they may have relationships, friends, and all manner of pleasantries. However, they may become the Balg at will, and they must become the Balg for twelve hours each week. They must also feed, which is why many of them choose to live the double-life of loving wife as Organa, hiding the secret of being a prostitute, which is where the Balg feeds. The Balg feeds on the body by devouring it normally, and feeds on anger, terror and the soul by siphoning it from the flesh, which gives them a post-coital appearance in Organa form. If they do not feed, the Balg bleeds through into the Organa.

Magic Edit

Organa Balg who do not have a host may make do with creating an illusory mask that makes them appear beautiful; it is for this reason some believe them to be related to Arcalians. Other than the illusion magic, they are able to siphon energy off at a distance, although it does not feed them, merely acting as though they are getting drunk.