Steambound Edit

Species Edit

Multiple types. Generally referred to as Homo Machina. They are Immortal, with their Spectral Matrix merely being placed into another shell.

Location Edit

Steambound can only be found in places where both magic and technology are present, such as Dalisor or Whelk.

Origin Edit

The Steambound are the Souls of people who were either ill or unsatisfied with their bodies and have been bound to metal forms. The first Steambound was supposedly created by either King Alathar VI or his engineers.

Appearance Edit

Steambound are a myriad of shapes and sizes, though most are primarily humanoid. It is harder to affix a soul onto a shape it is unfamiliar with, but it has been done, with Steambound wolves with the intelligence and capabilities of a man.

Generally, they are made of metal casement and tubing, and the soul is housed in a pure diamond, cradled within a reinforced shell called a Spectral Matrix. This Matrix produces Steam itself, powering the joints and gears. A Steambound eyes are glowing glass gems, and usually are the same color as their eyes once were.

Disposition Edit

Steambound generally are either stoic or aggressive, as these are the most common people who wish to become Steambound; those who are stoic generally wish to live long enough to further their studies, whilst the aggressive ones wish to be more powerful. However, as each Steambound is unique, so too are their personalities and what they retain of their original personality. As they age they lose sight of what they once were and become singularly driven.

Magic Edit

Steambound have no magic at all, as they are unable to channel anything.