The Uile River is a major Eulysal landmark. It is a river that forms the southern border of Iraygion and cuts through Vortalina. It flows down from the Vortan Mountains in the east of Vortalina. It is a wide, slow moving river and is often traversed by travelers and merchants. However, there tend to be Guard boats where the river flows over the border. In Vortalina, the river is the symbolic and geographical division between the North and South of that nation. Lands south of the Uile River were taken from the Chessandian Empire by Vortalina. Across the river, the climate warms and the vegetation gradually changes. In Iraygion, the river is the border between that nation and Svaartenskald. The Uile River branches in two here - the North Branch is where the capital of Lossia is located. Trade goods from Svaartenskald often come over the river to Iraygion and are sometimes loaded on airship and continue onto Dalisor.