Name: Veira Goodman Age: 20 Gender: Female Species: Human

Location: Cathureos and Albosul.

Magic: A Null,

Weapon of choice: None.

Role: Florist and Herbalist in Cathureos and Albosul.

Description : 5'4. Has short brown hair, tassled and beginning to lengthen at the back. Boyish figure, but a soft, heart-shaped face. Arms and abdomen covered in criss-crossing, thin white scars. Usually found in either a straight summer dress or breeches and a shirt. Her eyes are wide and a watery blue. Has a tattoo of a rosebud on her naval and a tattoo of a vine along her right leg, from hip to ankle.

Name: Lorei Goodman Age: 7 Gender: Female Species: Human

Location: Cathureos and Albosul

Magic: Diviner, attuned to sensing magical workings and mages.

Weapon of choice: None.

Role: Veira's daughter?

Description :3'6. Shoulder-length hair, a mix of blond and brunette. Thin and sprightly, like a little girl would be. Usually wears shorts or trousers and a shirt, or a floral dress if it is a special occasion. Has no scars but does have a speckling of freckles across her nose. Her eyes are blue like Veira's.

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