Species - Homo Trolldom Trolla

Location - Various areas of Eulysal, preferring cooler climates. Thus can be found in Selemond, Mefreet, Dalisor, Dalysium, Alupia, Whelk, Dalmaek, Tilkahoem, Valmer, Oscrow and the GAC. They tend to live in areas uninhabited by humans or other "civilized" races though there are "city clans".

Origin - Vitterfolk are an older race, having lived in Eulysal for quite some time. An exact record of how they were created is difficult to ascertain due to their distrust of strangers. It appears, despite the difference in appearance, that they have some sort of racial or cultural connection to Gnomes, Goblins and Trolls.

Appearance - Vitterfolk are human-like, but very small, usually only a few feet or less. They have tails resembling those of a cow and noticeably larger ears and noses. They tend to have longer and messier hair then humans as well as well as certain longer teeth.

Disposition - Vitterfolk are a fairly isolationist race, but incredibly dedicated to their own kind, especially family. They live throughout Eulysal in underground "burrows", each burrow being owned by one clan and being found in forests. They are generally distrustful of the other races and they can be fairly vindictive if they feel their clan is threatened. They are a curious race and skilled craftsmen, though generally lazy and fickle. They are amazingly skilled at building gadgets and artifacts with minimal resources. They enjoy playing tricks to a degree on other species. They also have a thing for shiny stuff, wether gold, jewels or an interesting gadget. Vitterfolk are not unheard of in cities, though they tend to live out of the way of others, often creating a burrow under the city, usually in poorer areas where there is less authority to bother them. Here they often break their distrust of strangers to work as artisans, using their crafting skill to gain income to feed their clan and finance whatever project they think of.

Magic - Though not naturally inclined to magic, Vitterfolk usually get around this by anchoring their magic into objects. Thus, they are one of the most skilled artificer races, able to quickly and easily make very potent magic items and talismans.